Rethink the approach. And engage your members now.

One of the greatest challenges of group savings plans today is to provide plan members with a meaningful experience and understanding that goes beyond plan design and the enrollment process. That is, to successfully engage members to act responsibly and reasonably when it comes to their investments and retirement planning needs.

Your members need you. Inspire them to engage with an employer-provided financial education program.

With an effective education program, you will help members understand the true value of their group savings plan.

We work closely with all the leading plan providers & record-keepers, but our focus is very different. We bring you the benefits of a program that is developed and implemented according to your unique plan characteristics and the member demographics of your organization.

This is our way to answer your members’ needs for content that is relevant, unbiased and helpful on all aspects of retirement planning and investment management.

Our tailored approach also helps you fulfill your fiduciary duties as a plan sponsor to use your resources most efficiently while enhancing the governance of your retirement plan.

What we offer you is more than an education program. It is a direct connection to your members – those members that will be thanking you today for helping them get to retirement.

The Delivery Members Need

Members Services

Go beyond participation. Engage.

Every plan member has a preferred method of learning, and each generation has distinct communication preferences.

Proteus Advisory Services deploys a variety of channels in an effort to maximize engagement.

Giving all plan members the education and guidance they really need, in the format that truly leads them to connect with their future retirement responsibilities, is our way of increasing their awareness, confidence and success rate.