Financial Education Seminars

Our seminars are designed to maximize the learning experience and to promote an interactive environment. We want every audience – no matter the age, knowledge or experience – to benefit from our seminars by acquiring the knowledge they need to feel empowered when it comes to planning and managing retirement assets.

Our presentation materials are designed following best practices for optimal impact. Preparation, message, structure, visual aids and delivery are all carefully thought out. Our material is then available online for participants with access to additional articles and information on the various topics covered.

Helping to Answer Relevant Questions.

Answering relevant questions that keep members up at night is our main goal. We provide answers and guidance in a direct, clear fashion and we aim to cover most burning issues in a constructive way that ‘speaks’ to the audience.

Providing Facts, not Opinions.

Facts are the foundation of effective education. We give the facts about what members want to know. We never assume the audience knows – instead we make sure they get the relevant info they need to better plan and manage their assets.

Giving the Full Story on Financial Concepts.

Giving the full story on the concepts members will encounter is crucial to rational decision-making. We do not promote or sell investment products, so our approach to educating is unbiased and with the member’s best interest in mind.

Taking a Person-Friendly Approach to Teaching.

We address important – if not crucial - complex topics using a user-friendly approach. Instead of avoiding complexity that scares most people, we engage the audience by using real-life examples they can relate to.

Easy to remember tips.

Easy to remember tips – the ones that can be put into action – are the backbone of our education programs. It helps to create a more exciting learning experience and to promote engagement.

Interacting with Individuals, not an Audience.

Interacting with the audience on a ‘per individual’ basis is essential to the success of the program. We make it personal and we speak to each individual within a group with humour, sincerity and fairness.

Booklets & Handouts

Each module comes with its own manual that complements the group seminar’s learning experience. The purpose of each manual is too provide the target audience in-depth information and additional data on various topics covered during the seminar. The booklets are more academic in nature and willingly venture into more complex concepts in an effort to cover all necessary – and relevant – aspects of retirement planning and investment management.

Using plain language and a variety of communication strategies (tables & charts, “Ask Proteus” boxes, dialogues, and web references), we designed the booklets to be the member’s readily available reference guide. Plan member can also access these manuals online.

Sample from ABC's of investing (Page 9)

Sample from ABC's of investing (Page 10)

Sample from ABC's of investing (Page 15)