The Investment Series

Plan members will learn basic investment management strategies, better understand the behaviour of major asset classes, how to build their own investment policy and the importance of monitoring.

“The ABC’s of Investing”

Provides an overview of basic investment concepts and how they play a crucial role in planning for retirement.

Learning outcomes:

  1. Provide an overview of capital market functions
  2. Differentiate between capital preservation and capital growth strategies
  3. Define the major asset classes and how they impact portfolio expected returns
  4. Understand the concept of investment risk

“How to Build It Right”

Provides an in-depth, how-to education for members that are highly involved in – or responsible for - constructing their own investment portfolios. Also suitable for members being offered pre-built balanced portfolio solutions.

Learning outcomes:

  1. Identify the components of an investment policy statement
  2. Understand strategic asset allocation and proper diversification
  3. Learn basic portfolio construction techniques

“Turning Assets Into Income”

Discusses investment management strategies for managing assets through retirement as members are turning their assets into retirement income. Built around key concepts such as capital preservation and fixed income, it also covers important aspects of retirement planning and how it influences the member’s investment policy statement.

Learning outcomes:

  1. Match return expectations with retirement income needs
  2. Identify relevant capital preservation strategies
  3. Identify the available income generating vehicles offered