One-on-One Consultations

Educating plan members so they can make informed and sound retirement decisions is the cornerstone of Proteus’ approach to retirement guidance. We understand that many members – often when retirement is closer to becoming a reality – need support, help and reassurance on when and how they can retire.

Because each member’s personal financial circumstances are unique, Proteus uses the following process in the one-on-one advisory service:

  1. Initial Member Meeting: Identify retirement goals and understand the member’s unique situation.
  2. Information Gathering: Obtain relevant information and forms from the carriers or other relevant providers.
  3. Options Overview: Ensure the member fully understands the retirement income options available and how to maximize the Plan’s value.
  4. Plan Implementation: Guide the member through the required paperwork to put the plan into action. Provide clear answers to questions the member may have and, when necessary, act as a liaison between the member and the supplier.

Planning Formats

We offer two distinct formats for the one-on-one consultations. One that offers immediate support to the plan members who are contemplating retirement, and one that guides plan members of all ages into enlightened investment and savings decisions.

“Ready to Retire”
Member Guidance

Target audience: Retiring plan members

Designed to provide retiring members with guidance surrounding how to convert their retirement savings accounts into income. Proteus assists members in explaining various income options and providing the guidance needed to make the most appropriate decision for their particular circumstances. Proteus can also act as a liaison between the member, the plan record-keeper, and other parties to ensure the selection is executed as per the member’s wishes.

Charged on an hourly basis. Estimated normal requirement of 2 hrs. including an hour of discussions and investigation with the member and an hour of paperwork and follow up, liaising between the member and the record-keeper.

Investment & Retirement
Member Guidance

Target Audience: Active plan members

Designed to educate members and provide personal guidance on topics surrounding investment management and planning for retirement.

Best utilized in conjunction with the workshops, the service provides greater insights into the world of investment and addresses savings strategies that the member (and their spouse) may consider depending on their personal circumstances.

This approach utilizes various planning tools and predictive models to discuss the options members have today and the impact on future retirement income.