Be A Successful Plan Sponsor


Your success as a plan sponsor is highly dependent on the level of engagement of your employees. An engaged employee will be more appreciative of the benefits they receive and more likely to act as ambassador of your brand.

Unfortunately, the traditional pension delivery model fails to engage. This harms members who approach retirement unprepared and with inadequate resources. It also harms plan sponsors who offer retirement savings plans that may be unappreciated and underutilized as a valuable benefit and compensation tool. The engagement gap is not only hurting your employees, it's preventing you from achieving key human resources and business goals.

Proteus can help you achieve a greater return on the valuable benefit you offer through improved engagement, efficient use of resources and enhanced fiduciary protection. We know a lot about pension plans. We understand plan members very well. And we are committed to delivering you the one pension solution that contributes to your success as a plan sponsor and an employer.

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