A well designed plan is the base for any engagement campaign

Proteus Performance Management

Proteus Performance Management has been an expert in retirement plan governance and design since 1994. Our consultants can help you optimize the design of your organization’s group retirement plan based on a variety of objectives including:

  • corporate objectives
  • employee demographics
  • employee distribution
  • industry position
  • and plan design management requirements

Plan Design is a core element of our Pension Plan Governance Model which starts with defined expectations within a framework of process, evaluation, and performance monitoring. The purpose of pension plan governance is to employ best practices and forward thinking to meet the fiduciary expectations of all plan stakeholders (plan members, corporation, and shareholders) and to continuously review current practices and evolve into a better program.

Success without governance is often called “chance” and unquestionably, “chance” is not a successful business model element. Proteus provides a structured and customized ongoing governance support structure so your organization and your employees can get the most out of your retirement income program – better understanding, better value, and better results.

To find out more about plan design and how the Proteus governance model can work for you, visit us at www.proteusperformance.com or contact one of our consultants at 416-421-3557.