Fulfilling Your Fiduciary Duties

Fiduciary Duties

Proteus provides you with fiduciary protection and enhanced plan governance by delivering best-in-class communication solutions that engage directly with plan members. We believe in transparency, objectivity and simplicity. We believe that your fiduciary duties with regards to communications can be answered with truly engaging and creative solutions.

We make governance a priority because we know you have many obligations to meet in order to provide a successful pension benefits to your employees. These obligations can include both statutory duties - as prescribed by legislation and regulation – as well as expected best practices.

For Capital Accumulation Plans (CAP) such as a Defined Contribution Registered Pension Plan or a Group RRSP, the statutory burden appears light when compared to a Defined Benefit Pension Plan. However, the group of Canadian pension regulatory agencies have issued the CAP Guidelines - a template of voluntary best practices to which CAP sponsors are expected to adhere. One of the primary intents of the CAP Guidelines is to ensure that CAP members are provided the information and assistance that they need to make investment decisions in a capital accumulation plan.

Governance and engagement: that's our promise to you.