Member Programs

Proteus Advisory Services has been designed to be used across all environments, providing a cost-effective solution to group retirement plans of all sizes. Regardless of the plan size or characteristics, our services can be tailored to meet your needs and the needs of your members.

The key to engagement is - Know your Members! Proteus Advisory Services works with you as the plan sponsor to undertake an in-depth analysis of the plan, including plan design, member demographics, engagement characteristics and a survey of plan members. This data is then used to identify the best program design to deliver the information and engage plan members into meaningful action.

Proteus has ‘grown up’ offering governance services and solutions to small and medium size plans, so we bring a strong background to this market. We understand that large solutions are not the best solution in every situation, and many times, especially for smaller plans, the cost to implement a full-scale custom program would be prohibitive. Through our tools and modular solutions, we can offer the services of a tailored program to meet your needs.

Proteus Advisory Services works with plan sponsors to design an education program that fits the needs of the plan members. Whether this involves offering some of our educational seminars, or providing members with access to our member solutions website which is full of invaluable financial education materials and tools, Proteus Advisory Services can develop a solution to meet your needs.